Czech Republic
Age range:
3-6 years of age, 6-8 years of age, 8-10 years of age, 10-12 years of age
Resouce type:
Online game, Website, Resource other
Operating system:
Main topic of the resource:
Everyday life and leisure, Media
Main function of the resource:
Build up positive relationships with their family and friends, Discover new possibilities and abilities, Enhance and enable creativity, Encourage their sense of self, community and place, Enhance their participation in society, Have fun and enjoy themselves, Learn and develop
Checklist criteria met:
Stimulating experiences, Usability, Accessibility/inclusivity, Reliability, Social media elements
Mojmir Mojzik

This website delivers real, positive, edutainment content for children aged 5-12. Alik is the most popular dog's name in Czechia, and hence Alik is a good friend of children online. He advises children where to go, suggesting appropriate online games, providing an online space for registered children to meet their friends, and offers links to other websites dedicated to children. The site covers many fun and interesting issues which attract the attention of children.

The website uses very sympathetic animations, especially for Alik, who is adored by children. The user interface of the website is very similar to comics, mirroring the pages which young users know from children's magazines and cartoons in the real world. The web pages are also user friendly, while the navigation system is straightforward, often using pictures and icons which are appealing to children. Overall, the look and feel of the website is nice, friendly, funny and playful.