BeSt catalogue of websites and apps for kids

Age range:
3-6 years of age, 6-8 years of age, 8-10 years of age, 10-12 years of age
Resouce type:
App, Website, Resource other
Operating system:
Android, Windows
Main topic of the resource:
Arts and culture, Everyday life and leisure, Media, Nutrition and health, Politics and society, Science, nature and technology
Main function of the resource:
Discover new possibilities and abilities, Enhance and enable creativity, Encourage their sense of self, community and place, Enhance their participation in society, Enhance social/cultural understanding, Have fun and enjoy themselves, Learn and develop, Produce and distribute their own positive online content, Stretch or stimulate imagination
Checklist criteria met:
Age range and objectives, Stimulating experiences, Usability, Accessibility/inclusivity, Reliability, Safety, Privacy, Social media elements, Commercial elements
Empowering Children Foundation (Fundacja Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę)

BeSt is the Polish abbreviation of "Bezpieczne Strony" - meaning safe websites. It is a whitelist catalogue of websites with positive content for children managed by Empowering Children Foundation (Fundacja Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę) based on written criteria and divided into thematic and age-based sub-categories. The catalogue can be accessed online as part of the portal. There is also a special web browser based on the catalogue in a PC Windows version and mobile Android version. There is also a spin-off of the project BeStApp - a catalogue of safe mobile apps built for pre-school children.