Časoris, online newspaper for children

English, Slovenian
Age range:
6-8 years of age, 8-10 years of age, 10-12 years of age
Resouce type:
Video channel, Website
Operating system:
Main topic of the resource:
Arts and culture, Everyday life and leisure, Media, Politics and society, Science, nature and technology
Main function of the resource:
Acquire and retain life skills, Build up positive relationships with their family and friends, Develop a positive view of themselves and a respect for their identity, Discover new possibilities and abilities, Enhance and enable creativity, Encourage their sense of self, community and place, Enhance their participation in society, Enhance social/cultural understanding, Learn and develop, Produce and distribute their own positive online content
Checklist criteria met:
Age range and objectives, Usability, Accessibility/inclusivity, Reliability, Safety, Social media elements
Read more on https://casoris.si

Časoris is an online newspaper for children with daily stories on politics, science, sports and culture. It includes a special section in which children publish their own stories about what is going on in their world. Časoris also has a channel on YouTube.

Children find Časoris useful and fun. The stories are written in a children-friendly language. The topics are interesting and important at the same time. The stories include a glossary and points to consider so they can also learn something while reading the news.\

In March 2019 Časoris was namely nominated for the first European Media Literacy Award.