├ľkoLeo - Your environmental online magazine

Age range:
10-12 years of age
Resouce type:
Operating system:
Not applicable
Main topic of the resource:
Everyday life and leisure, Media, Science, nature and technology
Main function of the resource:
Acquire and retain life skills, Discover new possibilities and abilities, Enhance their participation in society, Enhance social/cultural understanding, Have fun and enjoy themselves, Learn and develop, Stretch or stimulate imagination
Checklist criteria met:
Age range and objectives, Stimulating experiences, Usability, Accessibility/inclusivity, Reliability, Safety, Privacy
Hessian Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

The aim of this website is to explain environmental issues to children and to raise their interest for environmental protection, nature and life on earth in an age-appropriate way. The online magazine for children explains nature and environmental topics in a comprehensible way in the form of video and audio contributions and offers many ideas for going out, discovering, doing things yourself, experimenting and doing handicrafts. The contents are oriented towards the questions and the environment of the children and thus motivate them to become active themselves.