Kasper, Sky and the Green Bear

English, Romanian
Age range:
6-8 years of age
Resouce type:
Resource other
Operating system:
Main topic of the resource:
Everyday life and leisure
Main function of the resource:
Build up positive relationships with their family and friends, Have fun and enjoy themselves
Checklist criteria met:
Age range and objectives, Safety, Privacy
Kaspersky Lab

In this book, Kasper, Sky and the green bear accompany children between the ages of 6 and 9 on a journey for exploring the digital world. It's just the first in a series of adventures that will teach children to use the Internet safely, addressing subjects such as internet use and time spent online, personal data, bullying and online games.

Kasper, Sky and the green bear is easy to read and follow, teaching children about online safety through a story that has both good and bad characters, showing what is right and what is wrong in a manner a 6-year-old child would understand. It also addresses the parent-child relationship. Its nice design and pictures help children better capture the atmosphere of the story.