Edu Portal

Czech Republic
Age range:
6-8 years of age, 8-10 years of age, 10-12 years of age
Resouce type:
Video channel, Website
Operating system:
Android, iOS, Windows
Main topic of the resource:
Arts and culture, Everyday life and leisure, Media, Nutrition and health, Politics and society, Science, nature and technology
Main function of the resource:
Acquire and retain life skills, Build up positive relationships with their family and friends, Develop a positive view of themselves and a respect for their identity, Discover new possibilities and abilities, Enhance and enable creativity, Encourage their sense of self, community and place, Enhance their participation in society, Enhance social/cultural understanding, Have fun and enjoy themselves, Learn and develop, Stretch or stimulate imagination
Checklist criteria met:
Age range and objectives, Stimulating experiences, Usability, Accessibility/inclusivity, Reliability
Czech Television

Edu Portal offers a wide range of educational content for children. You can find there many educational videos focused on all subjects taught in the Czech Republic, worksheets, and quizzes. The portal is intended for primary and secondary school students, but also for their teachers, as they will find a lot of topics for teaching there. The portal is connected to an educational channel of the Czech Television.