On the internet there are many possibilities to enjoy and learn, and we can even do it together to improve the relationship with our children (which also helps prevent problems online).
In Spain, different entities (public and private) offer resources for different target groups: minors, families and educators. Examples include resources like Caracol SerafĂ­n which is a story with games or Clicclicclic which is a website including interactive stories for the youngest users.
There are also different pages of resources and games organised by age offered by the educational administrations, for example the zone of students of Castilla y Leon, or the digital educational content of Extremadura
In any case, it is important to continue working to offer positive and quality digital content and to effectively disseminate them.
For more information on positive content approaches in Spain, please contact the Spanish Safer Internet Centre (SIC) in the first instance - find contact details and further information here.


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